IDR Ltd. Mediation Services

Mediation is a private, informal process in which parties voluntarily participate in a joint effort to reach a settlement. Mediation provides a confidential, low cost process that promotes respectful and constructive communication to manage conflict between two or more parties. IDR Ltd. acts as a neutral third party, the mediator, to facilitate discussions among the parties, assist in defining the issues, address the barriers to resolution and facilitate a mutually acceptable settlement. Richard McLaren’s mediation practice has evolved over time as a natural extension of his expertise in arbitration. McLaren identifies areas of commonality in order to facilitate the resolution of disputes.

Significant Mediation Work Conducted by IDR Ltd:

  • Fraggle Rock Authors and Jim Henson International Productions
  • Bank of Nova Scotia and Small Business Owners
  • Hospital Technicians and the Ontario Hospital Association
  • The Department of Justice and Families of Deceased Fishermen
  • Medical / Dental Clinic and its Aboriginal Clients
  • Large Commerical Landlord and its Tenant
  • Lawyers and their Professional Negligence Insurance
  • Labour Arbitrations between Employers and Unions