Richard McLaren O.C., DD (honorary), HBA., LL.B., LL.M., C.Arb. - President

As a member of both domestic and international arbitration associations, we are positioned to resolve any commercial dispute.

An Accomplished and Proven Mediator

As a member Canada's foremost professional organization for experienced mediators and arbitrators, we are able to serve you remotely during the pandemic.

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Serving Ontario and beyond

As a practising corporate and commercial lawyer, counsel to McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP, law professor at Western University, and published author, McLaren is widely regarded as a leader in his field in both Canada and around the world.


Innovative Dispute Resolution Ltd., founded by Richard McLaren in 1994, is committed to delivering effective, timely and creative solutions to its international and domestic clients in order to resolve their commercial, sports-related and labour disputes.

McLaren and Innovative Dispute Resolution Ltd. have been in business for over 30 years offering clients arbitration, mediation, facilitation, consulting and investigative services. In addition, we frequently design alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We have been consistently retained by Fortune 500 companies, governments (at all levels), non-profit organizations and professional and elite sports organizations to resolve their disputes.

Our clients' commercial disputes or breaches of contract have pertained to joint venture agreements, intellectual property rights, shareholder disputes, royalty agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, damages and costs.

As an internationally recognized sports arbitrator, McLaren has arbitrated hundreds of sports related disputes. These disputes have included eligibility rights, jurisdiction issues, intellectual property rights, anti-doping cases, salaries, and sexual harrassment cases.

McLaren is also a sophisticated labour arbitrator in Ontario and throughout Canada having resolved hundreds of disputes between employers and unions.