Other Sports Expertise

Review Commissions
Foreign Corporation Corruption Investigation, May 2008

Major League Baseball & Steroids, December 2007

Independent International Review Commission on Doping Control - USA Track & Field, July 2001

Anti-Doping Expertise
New Strategies in Prosecuting Doping Violations under the Code - IAAF Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 2006

Professional Tennis and the Anti-Doping Tribunal - Annual Sports Law Conference, Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA, October 2006

Speaking Engagements
Sports Adjudication at the Olympics, University of Political Science and International Law, Bejing, China, April 2007

The Enforcement of Sports Arbitral Awards in China - International Seminar on Arbitration for Sports, Wuhan University, China, October 2006



Sports Arbitration Expertise

Since 1994, McLaren has chaired and participated in hundreds of tribunals and panels for amateur athletes, amateur sports organization, the Olympic Games, professional athletes, and professional player associations.

Furthermore, McLaren has significant experience and expertise in anti-doping including cases involving nandrolone, anabolic agents, identical urine samples, r-EPO, equine growth hormones, blood transfusions, and various illicit substances.

Olympic Games
Through the Ad Hoc Panel of the Court of Arbitration of Sport, McLaren has proudly participated in four Olympic Games during which he resolved disputes pertaining to, amongst other things, anti-doping cases, athlete eligibility, and intellectual property rights. Specfically, he acted as Arbitrator for the following summer and winter Olympic Games:

Nagano, Japan, 1998                                      Turin, Italy, 2006
Sydney, Australia, 2000                                 Bejing, China, 2008
Athens, Greece, 2004                                                               

Several notable decisions from his arbitrations at the Olympics include:
Samoa NOC and Sports Federation v. International Weightlifting Corporation
Dieter Baumann v. International Olympic Committee
Michaela Melinte v. International Athletic Federation
Baxter v. International Olympic Committee
Muehlegg v. International Olympic Committee
Munyasia v. International Olympic Committee

United States Anti-Doping Agency
In 2001, McLaren was selected as one of 29 arbitrators to hear cases for the USADA. McLaren has already participated in more than 15 cases administered by the American Arbitration Association.

Several notable decisions include:
USADA v. Justin Gatlin
USADA v. Floyd Landis
SADA v. Tyler Hamilton

Professional Sports Organizations
Association of Tennis Professionals
Since 2001, McLaren has been an arbitrator and Chairman of the Anti-Doping Tribunal for the ATP. In that role, he resolved several high profile anti-doping cases (presence of nandrolone) including several notable cases: Petra Korda, Guillermo Canas, Guillermo Coria and Bohdan Ulihrach.

National Hockey League
From 1992 to 2000, McLaren was a salary arbitrator for the National Hockey League and the NHL Player's Association. During that time, he issued twenty decisions. McLaren continues to act as a contract arbitrator for the NHL Player's Association in their Player / Agent disputes.


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