Mediation is a private, informal process in which parties to a conflict voluntarily participate in a joint effort to reach a settlement.

A neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates discussion amongst the parties, assists in defining the issues, addresses the barriers to resolution and facilitates a mutually acceptable settlement.

Mediation is a confidential, lower cost, process that promotes respectful and constructive communication to manage conflict between two or more parties.

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Mediation Expertise

McLaren's mediation practise evolved as a natural extension to his arbitration experience. Parties to disputes often comment on McLaren's creativity, ability to encourage discussion and identify areas of commonality and, utlimately, to facilitate the resolution of their dispute.

Significant Mediation Work
Fraggle Rock Authors and Jim Henson International Productions

Bank of Nova Scotia and Small Business Owners

Hospital Technicians and the Ontario Hospital Association

The Department of Justice and Families of Deceased Fishermen

Medical / Dental Clinic and its Aboriginal Clients

Large Commerical Landlord and its Tenant

Lawyers and their Professional Negligence Insurer

Labour Arbitrations between Employers and Unions

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